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Colored Shingle Roof Coating
Colored Shingle Roof Coating

Colored Shingle Roof Coating

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Winter Climate NOTE: This product must be applied when air & surface temperatures are above 55 degrees Fahrenheit and temperatures do not fall at or below freezing during the first 24 hrs after application.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: A specially formulated 100% acrylic roof coating specifically designed for use on asphalt shingles. Its’ unique formulation provides excellent durability, superior fade resistance and a smooth low sheen that resists cracking, peeling and chipping while binding the shingles together to resist wind lift-up. Designed for exterior use only. Ten Year Warranty (2 coats)

* Visit our BLOG page for unique projects/applications of Colored Shingle Roof Coating

TYPICAL USES: For industrial, commercial and residential use on tab shingles or dimensional shingles for roofs.

PRODUCT ADVANTAGES: Versatility * Durability * Bridges Hairline Cracks * Resists Cracking * Mildew Resistant Waterproofs * Low Temperature Flexibility * Applies Easily * Water Clean-Up * Low VOC

COLOR: 12 Colors (free color chips are available)

Colored Shingle Roof Coating - Color Card

For a Larger View, please click on the below link:

« Colored Shingle Roof Coating Color Card »


Custom Colors can also be made. Please review our

 Color Pallet Link. Customers must call us to order these special colors. 

Availability Note: Small batch orders of the Colored Shingle Roof Coating are only produced on Friday. Depending on date of order, please allow 1 to 5 business days for production.

* State: Thick Liquid
* Thinning: Stir thoroughly & apply as it comes from container - DO NOT THIN
* Solubility in Water: Dilutable. Supplied at normal application viscosity - DO NOT THIN
* pH: 8.0
* Freezing Point: 0 degrees C./32 degrees F.
* Coating VOC: 0.42 lb/gal. (50 grams/ltr)
* % Solids by Weight: 58.66%(varies by color)
* Film Thickness: Wet: 9.4 mils; Dry: 4.8 mils

Method: Brush, Roller or Mechanical Sprayer
Theoretical Coverage: 1st COAT: 75-125 sq.ft./gal. depending on roughness of surface 2nd COAT: 100-150 sq.ft./gal. Manufacturer recommends two (2) coats.
Estimated Dry Time: To Touch in 2-4 Hrs; Recoat in 24 Hrs; Fully Cured in 72 Hrs
Application Instructions: See Product Data Sheets (PDS)

Container Type: 1 Gallon * 5 Gallon Pail
Shipping Weight: 11.6 lbs. * 58 lbs.
Average Shelf Life: 12 months minimum from date of manufacture when maintained in protected storage. Storage at 40-90 degrees Fahrenheit

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