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Easy Brick Cleaner
Easy Brick Cleaner

Easy Brick Cleaner

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Easy Brick Cleaner is a unique formulation that cleans and restores all types of block or brick surfaces. It can be used on any color brick but is especially effective on red or dark colored brick. For Exterior Use Only.

TYPICAL USES: For industrial, commercial and residential use on brick walls, sidewalks, driveways, buildings, shopping centers and streets.

PRODUCT ADVANTAGES: Fast and Easy to Apply * Will Not Harm Mortar * Removes Stubborn Stains * Easy Clean Up 

COLOR: Orange-Yellow 

* Boiling Point: 212F
* Specific Gravity: 8.7 WT. +/- .04
* Solubility in Water: Excellent
* Evaporation Rate: Same as Water
* pH: 1.2
* % Volatile by VOL: N/A
* Vapor Pressure: N/A 
* Vapor density: N/A

Method: Brush, Roll, or Spray
Theoretical Coverage: 200-250 square feet per gallon
Application Instructions: See Product Data Sheet (PDS)

Container Type: 1 Gallon * 5 Gallon Pail * 55 Gallon Drum
Shipping Weight: 9.4 lbs. * 46 lbs. * 496 lbs.
Average Shelf Life: 12 months minimum from date of manufacture when maintained in protected storage. Storage at 40-90 degrees Fahrenheit

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