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Enviro-Clean NP7-Blue

Enviro-Clean NP7-Blue

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: A unique industrial strength chemical cleaner and degreaser concentrate that contains a neutral 7 pH rating. The neutral pH means that it does not contain acidic or high alkaline properties and thus is gentle for finishes that require a balanced cleaner.

TYPICAL USES: Aluminum/Vinyl Siding * Boats * Trains * Automobiles * Teakwood * Trucks * Fiberglass * Mobile Homes * Household, Industrial & Commercial

PRODUCT ADVANTAGES: Zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions, non-flammable, biodegradable, non-hazardous, non-carcinogenic and economical. Safe for all fine painted surfaces.

COLOR: Blue 

* Vapor Pressure: N/A 
* Vapor density: N/A 
* Solubility in Water: Infinite 
* Boiling Point: 210 degrees Fahrenheit 
* Specific Gravity: 1.083 
* Evaporation Rate: Water = 1, Less than 1 
* pH: 7 - Neutral

Method: Brush, Roll, Spray or Wipe
Theoretical Coverage: Coverage will vary depending on the dilution rate. 
Application Instructions: See Product Data Sheet (PDS)

Container Type: 1 Gallon * 5 Gallon Pail * 55 Gallon Drum
Shipping Weight: 9.4 lbs. * 46 lbs. * 496 lbs.
Average Shelf Life: 5 years minimum from date of manufacture when maintained in protected storage.

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