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environmentally friendly painting tips for a house
You’ll have lots of options to choose from 

“There is a good selection of interior low-VOC paints nowadays as we understand that continuous off-gassing of paints can prove hazardous to breathe, even months after application. Yet often eco-friendly choices are more limited for exterior coatings. High-VOC coatings used outdoors not only affect the applicator but also contribute to producing ground-level ozone which is the main component of smog. Our line of low-VOC exterior wall and roof coatings focuses on water-based acrylic emulsions that are designed to last in the outdoor elements without adversely harming people or the planet.” – Michael Kornell, Eco-Wares 

Consider what you’ll be painting and what you want it to look like 

“When choosing an eco-friendly or low VOC paint, you’ll want to consider both what sheen you want and how the surface you’re painting will be used. If you want a dead matte or flat sheen, consider using an authentic chalk-style paint. Yes, chalk-style paint can be used on walls and all sorts of other surfaces, including fabric. Just be sure that the chalk-style paint you use doesn’t include acrylic or latex ingredients. There are a lot of “chalk style” paints that do. For that reason, I exclusively use Amy Howard One Step Paint. If you prefer an eggshell finish with a little shine or if you want to paint something that will be outdoors, consider a low VOC enamel. Again, I recommend “Miracle Paint” by Amy Howard at Home due to its low VOC nature and minimal prep properties.” – Heidi J Marsh, Revive Heart & Home 

Always do your research 

 “Low-VOC paints include lower levels of “volatile organic compounds,” and are therefore less likely to impact air quality through the release of harmful toxins and gasses. To find brands offering low-VOC options, look for labels containing phrasing like “non-toxic.” Although usually, these paints contain fewer than 50 grams/liter of VOCs, it’s possible to find zero-VOC options as well—so it’s important to do your research and find something you are comfortable with.” – Andre Kazimierski, CEO, Improovy Painters Plano 

They paint just as well as regular paint 

“Customers often ask if low or no VOC paints (environmentally friendly) perform the same as regular paint. The answer is yes. The quality of low and no VOC paints have vastly improved in recent years. Feel free to use environmentally friendly paints and expect the same or better quality and results as with conventional paints.” – Alan Silverstein, All Los Angeles Painting Company, Inc. 

And you can find ones from name brands 

“Interesting as there are options like eco-friendly paint, but also options that are good for one’s health. Sherwin Williams makes a biologically significant paint that includes virus-killing chemicals that could kill many hospital-type viruses on contact. You can also consider mold and mildew-resistant paints as mold can be harmful. Most expensive paints often are heavier based and have more harmful solids in their bases. People seeking painters are more price-conscious than quality concerns. You never see anyone asking for mask-wearing for estimates, although they should.” – Sam Attenberg, Advanced Painting 


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