In 2005, the US experienced the most active Atlantic hurricane season in history with 28 named storms. As our manufacturing plant is located in Melbourne, FL, we decided that year to develop a roof coating that would help reduce residential roof damage caused by wind shear. Specifically, we wanted to create a non-toxic coating that would 'glue down' asphalt shingles and thus prohibit wind lift up. The coating had to be UV resistant and yet provide similar colors to the most common shingles available. At the time, there were few coatings designed for asphalt shingles and those that were on the market were generally only obtainable in white.

The below picture shows shingle gravel that has collected in the gutters. Colored Shingle Roof Coating was applied to prohibit future shingle degradation and save the roof from replacement.

Shingle Gravel

Yet, after 2008 we also realized that the Colored Shingle Roof Coating was a great anti-recessionary product as it was less expensive to apply a coating than replace the roofs. A good portion of the labor cost is in tearing down the old roof before installing new shingles. Applying our coating effectively removes that expense. The remaining pictures show a damaged roof from high winds and a close up of the Colored Shingle Roof Coating (Mist Grey).

Wind Damaged Roof

Colored Shingle Roof Coating - Mist Grey