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Enviro-Clean Cleaner Degreaser

Takes out tough grease and oil stains. A concentrate that covers 1000 sq.ft./gal. once diluted with 10 gallons of water.
Nu Look Concrete Cleaner

Restores dirty concrete to its "New Look" finish.




Rust / Stain Remover-- Before

Pour on Rust Stain Remover and watch the rust bubble up from the surface.

Rust / Stain Remover -- After

Can also apply to painted surfaces without harming the surface or surrounding plants.

Rust Stain Before


Rust Stain After

Easy Brick Cleaner

Very effective in cleaning red or dark colored brick and block. It will not harm mortar. Afterwards, apply penetrating Trojan Masonry Sealer to protect against future stains.

Red Clay Stain Remover

Although we recommend using a power washer, the red clay came out just using a garden hose in this picture.

Easy Brick Cleaner


Red Clay Remover

Efflorescence Remover-- Before

Efflorescence occurs as a result of the salts pushing to the surface of the masonry as shown in this photo.

Efflorescence Remover-- After

Once the salts are removed, apply Trojan Masonry Sealer to keep the efflorescence from returning.

Efflorescence Before


Efflorescence After

Efflorescence Remover--Before

Efflorescence often shows up in the mortar joints of tiles such as this picture shows.

(pictures courtesy of Floor-Restore in Bristow, VA)

Efflorescence Remover-- After

Our cleaner effectively cleaned off the efflorescence without harming the tiles.

Efflorescence on steps before


Efflorescence on steps after

Algae Mildew Remover -- Before

This cleaner removes algae, mildew, mold and mold spores. Apply Trojan Masonry Sealer afterward to reduce future growth.

Algae Mildew Remover -- After

Can be safely applied to concrete, brick, stone, stucco, split face block, tile, shingles, grout, porcelain & plastic

Algae Mildew Before


Algae Mildew After

Erase Cleaner -- Before

This is an industrial plant floor that was covered with dirt and various resins.

Erase Cleaner -- After

Erase effectively cleaned this floor by pouring just a few ounces in its concentrated form and then spread around. It cleaned the surface in 3 minutes.

Erase Before


Erase After

Enviro Clean Degreaser & Nu Look Concrete Cleaner

Sometimes using a combination of our products can help take off really tough stains such as this oil soaked gas station island. Use Enviroclean first to take off the surface oils, scrub and power wash then apply the Nu Look Cleaner, scrub and power wash.

This pH "shock" of going from a high pH cleaner to low pH cleaner helps immulsify the oils that are embedded in the concrete. The Nu Look further takes out the carbon shadows that are often left over from vehicle oil.

Rust / Stain Remover & Erase Cleaner

Although the oil was mostly gone from this garage floor, the carbon shadow stain was left over.

Rust/Stain Remover was first applied to open the pores of the concrete and washed off. Erase was then applied to help take off any residual carbon stains and subsequently rinsed off.

Eco-Wares Envirosafe CleanersEco-Wares Envirosafe Cleaners
Clear & Color Sealers
Trojan Masonry Sealer

A non-toxic, low VOC penetrating sealer that easily applies on brick, concrete, masonry, stone and stucco. Only requires one coat & dries clear with no shine.

Trojan Masonry & Trojan Color Sealer

Trojan Masonry Sealer seals this brick paver (applied on the left side) without changing the look of it. It will also help reduce efflorescence and algae-mildew growth.

The Trojan Color Sealer (shown on the right side of the paver) provides a "wet look" to the paver as well as waterproofs.



Trojan Sealer on Paver

Trojan Color Sealer -- Before

A concrete driveway.

Trojan Color Sealer -- After

Trojan Color Sealer provided a whole new look to this driveway once the "Rustic Brown" color was applied.

Trojan Color before #1


Trojan Color after 1

Trojan Color Sealer -- Before

Before applying Trojan Color Sealer these pavers were first cleaned using our Easy Brick Cleaner.

(pictures courtesy of Restoration Specialists)

Trojan Color Sealer -- After

Trojan Color Sealer can rejuvate your pavers and provide a protective waterproofing in one product!

Trojan Color Sealer also looks great on your concrete. The pictures on the color chart are actual digital photos of a garage floor.


Trojan Color on pavers before


Trojan Color on pavers after

Trojan Color Sealer -- Before

Faded stamped concrete.

(pictures courtesy of Precision Roof and Surface Cleaning in Norco, CA)


Trojan Color Sealer -- After

This application included a 50/50 mix of Trojan Color Sealer in "Rocky Grey" and our clear Trojan Ultra. This effectively lightened the color yet still provided the same durable waterproofing and stain resistance.


Trojan Color on stamped concrete before


Trojan Color on faded concrete after

Trojan Color Sealer -Before

A concrete pool deck


Trojan Color Sealer -After

A few coats of "Ocean Blue" color frames this pool quite nicely.

Trojan Color on pool deck before


Trojan Color on pool deck after
Trojan Beta-Z Wood Sealer

One coat of Beta Z Wood Sealer was applied to penetrate into the wood to this yellow pine wood deck.

Colored Shingle Roof Coating

This coating's unique formulation provides excellent durability, superior fade resistance and a smooth low sheen that resists cracking, peeling and chipping while binding the shingles together to resist wind lift-up.
Available in 12 Colors.

(Cocoa color is shown below)
Beta Z Wood SealerColored Shingle Roof Coating
Colored Shingle Roof Coating -Before

Our product can be applied to older shingles to prolong their life. Applying our coating is much less expensive than paying for new shingle replacement since a good portion of the cost is the "tear down" of the old shingles.
Colored Shingle Roof Coating -After

The available 12 colors are based on the most popular shingle colors to mimic the current color style of your roof. Yet our coating can be used to change the color of your roof as well.

(Mist Grey is show below)

Colored Shingle Roof Coating before

Colored Shingle Roof Coating Mist Grey
Commercial Projects
Disney World Dolphin Resort

The scope of work was to clean and seal the lobby fountain. Nu Look Cleaner restored the surface and was subsequently sealed with our Trojan Masonry Sealer.
NHL Florida Panthers Stadium

Home of the NHL Florida Panthers, the roof of this stadium was blackened with mildew. Our Algae-Mildew Remover effectively cleaned this 450,000 sq.ft. stadium roof.

Disney before

Disney after


Algae Mildew Cleaner on NHL Stadium roof

McDowell Building

Building preservation is always a challenge. Challenges and dirt are wiped away with our Nu Look Concrete Cleaner. Sealing with our Trojan Masonry Sealer will make future cleanings much easier.

Grace Methodist Church, DE

Trojan Masonry Sealer is often used in Historic Preservation Projects as it doesn't change the look of the surface and actually increases the strength of the older masonry

Picture courtesy of Robert Morgan & Co (www.steeplekeeper.com)


Nulook Cleaner on concrete building


Eco-Wares Envirosafe

Orlando, Florida Neighborhood

A major oil spill in Orlando is quickly cleaned up using our Enviro-Clean Cleaner Degreaser.

County Market Grocery Stores

As Trojan Masonry Sealer is non-toxic and has no odor, Kurschner Enterprises was able to safely seal this grocery store chain in MN without any disruption to the store's operating hours.

Oil Spill

Grocery Store with Trojan
Frank Lloyd Wright Church

The First Unitarian Society Meeting House is a Frank Lloyd Wright designed church that is currently undergoing an addition and remodeling phase. This is also the church that Mr. Wright attended and is the first LEED Gold rated church in the state of Wisconsin. Additionally, the church is on the National Register of Historic Places.
Frank Lloyd Wright Church

The interior and exterior walls of the church addition incorporated concrete planks that were created using board forms to give it a simulated wood surface.
Special colors of the Trojan Color Sealer were formulated to give the surface a wood appearance as well as waterproof the substrate.

Frank Lloyd Wright Church Aerial

Church Exterior Design

Church Pic 5A

Church 4 pic

Frank Lloyd Wright Church

A special "Limestone" color of the Trojan Color Sealer was applied on the exterior walls to provide a touch of pigment and waterproof the surface.

Eco-Wares Envirosafe CleanersEco-Wares Envirosafe Cleaners
Jefferson Memorial, Washington DC
The Jefferson Memorial Seawall Project
(Contractor: Clark Construction)

Efflorescence and calcium build up was very apparent on 17,000 sq. ft of new colored aggregate concrete.
Jefferson Memorial, Washington DC

Enviro Etch was safe enough for the new concrete but still provide the cleaning ability to take off the calcium deposits.

Eco-Wares Envirosafe CleanersEco-Wares Envirosafe Cleaners
Eco-Wares Envirosafe CleanersEco-Wares Envirosafe Cleaners


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