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Penetrating Polyester Sealers 
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Trojan Beta Z Wood Sealer Trojan Beta Z Wood Sealer
A penetrating polyester and acrylic formula that seals all wood surfaces. Non-flammable, low VOC and non-toxic.
Trojan Color Sealer Trojan Color Sealer
Includes the same penetrating polyester sealer and a UV resistant color stain in one product. It is not a paint that will easily wear away. The semi transparent color absorbs into the surface pores. The water-based sealer locks in the color and hardens the substrate. Safe to use indoors or outside. 15 Year Waterproofing Warranty. 37 colors.
Trojan Masonry & Concrete Sealer Trojan Masonry & Concrete Sealer
A water-based, penetrating polyester formula that waterproofs and preserves concrete, brick, stucco and porous stone. It is non-toxic and low VOC. Can be used safely inside as well as outdoors. Trojan dries clear with no sheen. 15 Year Waterproofing Warranty.
Trojan Ultra Masonry Sealer Trojan Ultra Masonry Sealer
Acrylic is added to our Trojan Sealer formula to provide a penetrating sealer and low gloss coating in one product. It is non-toxic / low VOC. Can be used safely indoors & outside. Apply to new or old masonry, concrete, stucco or porous stone. 15 Year Waterproofing Warranty.