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Concrete Garden Statues - One Step Stain and Seal using Trojan Color Sealer

Concrete garden statues are available either natural (no color or sealer) or painted. Yet over time, as the statues are exposed to the elements, they become dirty, mold/mildew stained or the paint begins to fade and peal. Our Trojan Color Sealer and Trojan Masonry Sealer can help fight against the detriments of weathering. 

Color and a Seal in one Application
Trojan Color Sealer is not a paint but a water based sealer and stain system that absorb into the concrete's surface. The non-toxic polyester sealer locks in the UV resistant pigmented stains to preserve the color. Below are pictures using our Amazon Green and Harvest Gold colors. The (after) picture was taken one year after application.

Applying Color to Concrete Statue using Trojan Color Sealer

Color Staining Concrete Statue - Harvest Gold and Amazon Green

Unlike acrylic, latex or oil based paints that sit on the surface, Trojan Color Sealer does not peal or chip away as it is not a coating.

Preserve & Protect the Natural Look 
Trojan Masonry & Concrete Sealer is a clear, penetrating non-toxic/non-gloss sealer for those that want to maintain the natural (uncolored) look. Trojan will provide protection against freeze/thaw cycle, whereby concrete begins to crack as water freezes overnight in the pores of the substrate and then expand during the warmer day. This constant expansion/contraction will break up masonry & concrete over time. The Trojan Sealer will also help reduce the mold & mildew growth as the sealed surface will dry much quicker after a rain, thus taking away the wet environment that allow spores to multiply.
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Trojan Color Sealer for Concrete Balcony

Trojan Color Sealer can be applied to various porous surfaces, such as, indoor/outdoor concrete, or even faded brick pavers to enhance/rejuvenate the color and provide a sealer in one product. The below picture submitted by SealGuard of St. Louis shows a unique instance where SealGuard had to repair the deep crack on the balcony as well as color seal the concrete. 


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Trojan Color Sealer on Interior Commercial Floor

Trojan Color Sealer was applied to this commercial floor using two different colors. The base color was Canyon Brown with Slate Green sprinkled in for a more mottled look. The pictures were provided by SealGuard of St. Louis. 

Trojan Color Sealer - canyonbrown&slategreen

As Trojan Color Sealer is extremely low in VOC (volatile organic compounds), it can safely be used indoors without any bad smells or off-gassing odors.

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