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  1. Trojan Masonry & Concrete Sealer

Trojan Masonry & Concrete Sealer
Trojan Masonry & Concrete Sealer

Trojan Masonry & Concrete Sealer

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A penetrating polyester formula that permanently waterproofs and preserves concrete, brick, stucco and all masonry surfaces with only one application. It is non-flammable, non-toxic and non-caustic. As Trojan has very low VOC (volatile organic compounds) it can be used safely inside as well as outside on new or old masonry. Trojan dries clear with no sheen and comes with a 15 Year Waterproofing Warranty.
Part Number: 66-D (Daily Deal) - 1 gallon

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15 Year Waterproofing WarrantyPRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Trojan Masonry Sealer is a penetrating masonry and concrete sealer that includes a proprietary water-based polyester. Once dry, the polyester polymer forms a monolithic barrier that completely fills the voids and solidifies the surface and interior particles of the substrate. Although its named Trojan Masonry Sealer, it can be used on almost any porous surface.

buttonNon-Toxic & Environmentally SafebuttonPermanently Waterproofs buttonUse on Concrete, Brick, Pavers or Porous Stone buttonNo Shine, Non-Slip & Will Not Darken Surface Color buttonWater-Based - Easy Spray on Application buttonApply on Horizontal or Vertical Surfaces buttonPenetrating Polyester Seals & Densifies buttonIncreases Substrate Strength for Durability & Longer Life button200 sq. ft. Coverage per Gallon


Brick Sealer - Trojan can densify the brick or paver, thereby increasing its strength and future durability. As it is not a topical sealant, Trojan will not be slippery nor change the look of the surface, yet permanently protect against water or oil/contaminants from absorbing.

Concrete Sealer - Concrete is very porous and subject to 'freeze-thaw' conditions in winter climates. Whereby water freezes in the pores during the evening and then thaws out during the day. This constant contraction/expansion helps 'spall' (chip/fragment/flake) concrete. Even in warmer climates, weather, abrasion, and contaminants will weaken the substrate over time. Trojan will permanently fill the pores to help prevent future spalling/deterioration and provide easier maintenance of the surface. It's like pouring liquid plastic into your concrete.

Driveway Sealer - Deicing chemicals and salts that cars track in from the highways are highly corrosive to concrete. Over time those chemicals will pit the surface. The natural abrasion of driving on concrete, weathering and car fluids that leak into the substrate also take their toll. Trojan will strengthen and provide stain resistance, yet unlike topical sealants will not wear away or provide 'hot tire pick-up' (hot tires melt surface coatings like acrylic sealers and then peel them up). Additional detail on driveway sealing can be found from one of our applicators websites that we posted on our BLOG.

Stone Sealer - Limestone, for example, is extremely porous and soft. Trojan will harden the stone but also not change the natural look of the surface.

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