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Use a Penetrating Sealer on an Acid Stained Concrete Floor

Posted by Eco-Wares Staff on 4/24/2013 to Trojan Masonry Sealer
Although the Trojan Color Sealer as an all in one stain and sealer system, we do have many Acid Stain Professionals that use the clear Trojan Masonry Sealer after applying their acid stain (once pH neutralized) to the concrete floor.

The below photo of Trojan Masonry Sealer applied to acid stained concrete was provided by Mark Bighley Construction from Silver City, NM. 

Trojan Masonry Sealer over acid stained concete

Note: This project photo using our sealer was part of a passive solar homes article from motherearthnews.com (3rd picture in gallery). 

Why do acid stain professionals use Trojan Masonry Sealer?

  • Unlike topical sealers (silicone, acrylic, polyurethane etc), Trojan is a water based, penetrating polyester concrete sealer that does not leave a surface residue. It instead fills the pores of the substrate leaving a matte to very low gloss (only on indoor, hard trowelled concrete) finish. Although topical sealants provide a nice shine they also are a maintenance issue in themselves as they easily wear away, especially on outdoor projects where weather, UV and walking/driving takes its toll. Topicals can also be slippery when wet, unlike Trojan, which will not change the friction coefficient of the surface. Our sealer will also not wear away as it hardens and binds the surface into one solid mass.

  • Some acid stain professionals will apply Trojan Masonry Sealer first and then a topical for the gloss finish, as they realize that clients may not maintain the topical with the reapplication requirements through the years. Therefore even if the topical has worn away, Trojan will still be left to 'lock down' the acid stain from deterioration, still provide stain/spill resistance as well as easier maintenance since nothing will absorb into the concrete.

  • Trojan is non toxic and low VOC (volatile organic compounds) unlike solvent based sealers. Therefore you can safely use our sealer indoors or outdoors.

  • Many acid stain clients want a 'natural look', non glossy finish. Trojan provides this and will not yellow under outdoor UV light.