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Waterproofing Porous Stone Veneer

Posted by Eco-Wares Staff on 8/6/2013 to Trojan Masonry Sealer
Stones such as limestone and sandstone are often included in the construction of homes and buildings. They are used for the exterior veneer of the house and even walkways. Yet because of their very porous nature, the soft stones are also subject to weathering (wind/rain/salt water) quicker than other substrates. Salts and deicing chemicals (used in winter areas) will further hasten the degradation of stone walkways. Our Trojan Masonry and Trojan Ultra Sealers will densify and increase the stones longevity as well as waterproof the surface permanently. 

 The below pictures were taken by Dunlap Construction of Duvall, WA who used our Trojan Ultra Masonry Sealer. "These pictures are taken about four years after a single application. The home is situated about 100 feet off salt water where the wind blows salt onto the stone walls with virtually no sign of wear. The material is Wilkeson Sandstone cut to my specs and then tumbled. There is approximately 160 tons of stone veneer"- Steve Dunlap

Trojan Ultra Sealer on Sandstone Home

Trojan Ultra Masonry Sealer on Sandstone Chimney

Trojan Ultra Sealer on Outdoor Kitchen