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Algae Mildew Cleaner and Trojan Masonry & Concrete Sealer are the two components needed to clean and preserve your pool deck. Over time, concrete pool decks tend to blacken with dirt and mildew. The black mildew is even more prevalent in areas of high humidity and shaded regions.

Black Mildew Stains on a Concrete Pool Deck (before)

Cleaned and Sealed from the Inside (after)

How to remove black mildew

Concrete is very porous and therefore holds in moisture longer, providing a perfect petri dish for mold and mildew to grow. Spray on our Algae Mildew Cleaner with a hand-pump garden sprayer, agitate with a broom brush and power wash the surface to bring back the original look of your pool deck.

How to prevent black mildew regrowth

Once the deck is clean and dry, apply a saturating coat of Trojan Masonry & Concrete Sealer using a hand-pump garden sprayer. 

The water-based, polyester sealer will fill the pores and harden the concrete, yet will not be slippery as Trojan is a not a topical coating. Trojan will provide stain resistance and help reduce future mildew growth as it will permanently keep water & mold spores out of the pores of the concrete. Future cleaning will also be easier as dirt will not be embedded deep in the concrete. Here's some great advice on how to clean concrete and other masonry surfaces.


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