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Trojan Color Sealer
Trojan Color Sealer

Trojan Color Sealer

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The same penetrating polyester sealer and a UV resistant color stain in one product. It is not a paint that will easily wear away. The semi transparent color absorbs into the surface pores. The water-based sealer locks in the color and hardens the substrate. Safe to use indoors or outside. 15 Year Waterproofing Warranty. 37 colors.
Part Number: 66C
Made in USA

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15 Year Waterproofing WarrantyPRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The same penetrating polyester formula as our Trojan Masonry Sealer yet also includes a semi-transparent color and still comes with a 15 Year Waterproofing Warranty.

TYPICAL USES: For industrial, commercial, and residential use. This all in one concrete sealer and UV resistant semi-transparent color stain can be applied to any porous surface including concrete, masonry, and brick or concrete pavers. Safe for indoor or exterior use.

• Visit our BLOG page for unique applications of the Trojan Color Sealer.

FINISH: Eggshell (very low sheen) on indoor concrete.

NOTE: The overall sheen can be different depending on the roughness of surface e.g. smoother indoor concrete will have an eggshell finish. Rougher, outdoor concrete will have a matte finish.

COLOR: Thirty-Seven Colors. "Whitewash" is a semi-transparent white stain.


Trojan Color Sealer Earth Tones


Trojan Color Sealer Tropical Colors

NOTE: The left side of each digital picture has one coat of Trojan Color Sealer applied. The right side has two coats applied for a darker appearance.

Special NOTE: These colors are representational only. The actual color may be more transparent as different textures and colors of concrete will accept the pigments differently.
It is strongly advised to test this product in an out-of-the-way area to see how your concrete will accept the color. Very porous concrete will absorb more pigment whereas very smooth, hard concrete will absorb less. Any of these colors may be made more transparent by mixing plain Trojan Masonry Sealer with Trojan Color Sealer prior to application.

For a Larger View, please click on the pdf file links below:

Earth Tones Color ChartEarth Tone Colors

Tropical Color ChartTropical Colors

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