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Concrete countertops are becoming a larger part of the green building/restoration business because it is a sustainable building material, using locally produced and often recycled components. Manufacturers also have a greater ability to create various colors and shapes to fit the needs of clients wishing for more personalized designs. Concrete countertops are more durable and the quality can bring up the value of your home.

However, concrete is extremely porous and spills or dropped food can cause stains that seep in and are next to impossible to remove. This is why sealing it is so important. Quality concrete sealers will save your counters from stains and allow you to quickly manage spills. Trojan Masonry and Concrete Sealer absorbs into the pores with a water-based, penetrating polyester formula that waterproofs and preserves concrete.

The Trojan Masonry & Concrete Sealer is often used on these colored concrete countertops to fill the pores and increase the strength of the substrate. Our concrete sealer's nontoxic aspect is especially important for kitchen concrete countertops where food preparation occurs. 

* The below photo of Trojan Masonry & Concrete Sealer applied to this colored concrete countertop was provided by Mark Bighley Construction from Silver City, NM.

Trojan Masonry Sealer on Concrete Countertop

Our concrete sealer provides a matte finish for the organic look. Yet if the client desires a shine, a nontoxic acrylic, urethane or wax can be applied over the Trojan Masonry & Concrete Sealer. Our concrete sealer will allow a superior chemical bond to these topical sealers with the added value if the topical sealant wears away, Trojan is still protecting the concrete. 

Another alternative for concrete countertops is to use the Trojan Ultra Masonry Sealer which includes the same penetrating polyester as the Trojan Masonry Sealer yet also has acrylic added for a low gloss, satin finish topcoat. 

Concrete countertops can come in beautiful colors but because of their porous texture sealing concrete countertops is essential for keeping them beautiful and stain-free. After you get over the beauty of your remodeled kitchen, you'll begin using your counters for cooking and daily life. Cleaning and polishing are a valuable way to maintain their beauty for years to come. To do this, you'll need quality products from My Stone Care, they offer great products that won't breakdown your sealant.

We know that you, your family, and friends will enjoy living and socializing in the newly remodeled heart of the home! Please contact us if you have any questions.


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