Trojan Color Sealer can be applied to various porous surfaces, such as, indoor/outdoor concrete, or even faded brick pavers to enhance/rejuvenate the color and provide a sealer in one product. The below picture submitted by SealGuard of St. Louis shows a unique instance where SealGuard had to repair the deep crack on the balcony as well as color seal the concrete. 


First SealGuard ground the surface. Then they repaired the cracks deep in the fissures, so the patch would not be visible. Afterwards, they applied the Trojan Color Sealer (Cordova Tan). As Trojan Color Sealer is a true penetrating sealer, it is not a high solid content product to bridge the cracks. Therefore, SealGuard then applied a clear polyaspartic as a top coat to ensure no water seeped through to the floor below from the fissures.